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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Identity theft: Northside Jr. High

Hi Dru,

When James an I were looking at the blog, we saw the birthday greeting for Gloria Hudson Sutton. Under the picture of the jr. hi, it said Northside. I really don't remember Northside looking like that photo. We even drove by the school while in Chatta. for the party. The pictured school reminds me of one of the older schools in Chatta., perhaps East Lake, or Dickinson. I know you don't send in the info, but I know you were a North Chatta. girl, and I thought perhaps you might know if I'm correct in my thinking, or maybe I'm just getting a bit senile. Anyway, it's a photo, and the thought is what counts. I'm not complaining about the picture. I'm just confused.

We really do appreciate all that you have done for over two/three years with the postings. When we tell other people about how folks in our class have kept in touch, they are amazed. We even shared with a gentleman on one leg of our return flight. His class is getting ready to plan a reunion, and he said he will present the information we gave him with his classmates. He lives in Iowa, and was on the way to the Softball World Series in OK City. We were going to OK City to visit our oldest son and his family.

Take care, and we will chat soon.

Judy and James Steinmann

Dear J & J:

That picture of Northside Jr. High came from  Click here to view it. Glad you have an eagle eye and a good memory to set us all straight. Great seeing you in Chattanooga. Thanks for fingering that imposter school posing as Northside.

from Gloria Hudson Sutton: Remembering Chattanooga middle school

Northside Junior High Chattanooga Tennessee

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